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Bites and Bottles

May 2015

Food and drink are two things very close to my heart. Indeed I’ve written about my favourite coffee shops, restaurants etc on this blog. See more of that here:

Thus I’m more than happy to give a shout-out to a new blog that is concerned with both those things: Bites & Bottles.  The owner of the blog is @ThomasLittleUK on Twitter and he is looking for appropriate contributions to it. TWITTER HANDLE FOR THE BLOG: @BitesnBottles

The content of the blog is not necessarily Swindon-focused but of course it can be – and when I send some contributions to it – then it will be! 🙂

But as the blog is ‘owned’ in Swindon and can be about Swindon eateries and drinkeries I reckon it merits a slot on Born again Swindonian. So below is some information from Thomas about his new blog. He’s absolutely right that great food and drink doesn’t necessarily have to be fine dining. That very sentiment is the ethos behind Eggelicious and E2. Indeed, painted on the wall in E2 is a quote that sums up this very notion: “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” (Paul Prudhomme) And, in the case of E2 and Eggelicious, never was a truer word spoken.

Bites and Bottles blog - picture from website

Bites and Bottles blog @BitesnBottles

Bites & Bottles is a brand new blog dedicated to everything food and drink. Great food and drink might come from fine dining or out the side of a van, it doesn’t need to have a label or price tag, what it does need to do is to pass the lips and deliver amazing flavours that you won’t forget in a hurry.


 Whether it’s world food, craft beer, fine wine or just a combination of food and drink that you would never have thought of, Bites & Bottles aims to cover it all. Glossy magazine and TV chefs are great at making people feel like they can’t cook or that certain ingredients only belong in pricey restaurants or are reserved for high days and holidays, Bites & Bottles is here to help dispel those assumptions. We’re actively looking for people to contribute to the blog on anything from restaurant reviews, recipes, articles on producers, photos and more! Just drop a line to:

 If you have something to submit please get in touch, if you love food and drink and want to know more or share what you’ve learned then Bites & Bottles is the place for you.’


Curry favour at Pappadams

Sunday 26th April 2015

It’s a funny old thing really. When I first came to Swindon – about twenty years ago – I used to bemoan the fact that eating choices here were largely limited to curry houses and Italian restaurants. In recent years that’s most certainly changed. Not only can Swindon proudly boast numerous independent coffee shops  there are some great independent restaurants too such as Rio – the Brazilian place – my favourite Eggelicious and my favourite curry house (so far), Rangoli.  And there are quite a few more worthy of your time and attention.

But to return to the subject of curry. My Indian born son-in-law has often complained about the lack of actual Indian restaurants – given that most curry houses in most places are actually Bangladeshi establishments. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Bangladeshi food. Heaven forfend! It’s perfectly delicious and I’ve eaten my body weight and more in it over the years. It’s just that it’s not Indian. So when we discovered Rangoli  – oh my – the smile on his face was wider than that of the Cheshire Cat. He was thrilled. And now in Swindon we have another restaurant of the actual Indian variety by the name of Pappadams down on Regent Circus – in what was La Dolce Vita.  I was fortunate enough to attend the official opening a few days back and below are a few photographs of the occasion. It was a sparkling event in every way. There was a drop or two of very nice Prosecco, (and failing the presence of Bollinger I like a drop of Prosecco), a trio of tiaras, and an MP of the town.  I’ve been trying to think of a good collective noun for the tiaras. A ‘glitter’ or a ‘shimmer’ perhaps? Madame Mayor was also present to cut the ribbon – the second time in a few days I’ve bumped into the lovely lady – the first being at the official opening of Bunny Pumpkins and the Emporium of Loveliness. I’m not following her – honest!

Anyway, I wish Pappadams every success and look forward to trying the place out ‘properly’ before too long.

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