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21st April 2015 Hello listeners, not for the first time we have a post about a business that has had life breathed into it by those fabulous facilitators of new business ventures – Outset Swindon. I was fortunate enough to be commissioned by Jo – one half of 4 Points Leisure – in my AA Editorial Services hat to write some copy and product descriptions for the Glamping section of their website. Now the closest I get to roughing it is a Travel Lodge so I’d never go camping in a million years but I had great fun writing about the funky products they sell that range from practical to frivolous –  but all of them interesting and attractive. Jo and Richard Rigden –  together are 4 Points Leisure.  Richard does the IT, building of display stands, and grounded advice,  while Jo does the rest!

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So now, in order to find out more about Jo and Richard and their business 4Points Leisure and how it all began, we need to do a bit of wobbly wobbly timey wimey stuff…. It all started long, long ago…. Well in October 2013 actually.

Jo Rigden - one half of 4Points Leisure

Jo Rigden – one half of 4Points Leisure

Jo and Richard began with a dream to bring Glamping and camping together and add some festival accessories with it. Back in 2005, Jo left Zurich Financial services to join Brownhills Motorhomes in their aftersales service department: with a camper-van of their own it was ideal. Jo got to know the customers, camper-vans and tents together with what customers wanted from the whole camping experience. Which was a relaxing, chilled time away, with family and or friends but at the same time they wanted to be surrounded by quality, multi-tasking products which were compact and affordable. Anyone beginning to want the camper-van to look special had to make do with some bumper stickers! Or a few old fashioned cushions. Then life – as it does – jumped in and they started their family, carried on camping and adventuring over Europe but, come 2013, the idea of a glamping and camping business wouldn’t budge. Having done business plans for a couple of ideas, Christmas Jumpers anyone!? Jo and Richard kept coming back to their main love: camping in all its forms. Looking at existing camping equipment suppliers they couldn’t see the bunting, tealights or niceties and fripperies that they wanted to take with them in the camper van – thus a business gem was formed. But where to go next? Jo had started seeing Outset mentioned online, and then happened to meet Jane Pearce and Janet Theobald at the Stratton Winter Extravaganza.  Taking this as a sign, Jo signed up to their Business Start Up course and then the adventure really began. As Jo says: “Outset has helped us formulate our business from a woolly idea to a solid proposition, and have continued to support us to this day with our fantastic mentor, Geof Thornton. One great aspect of involvement with Outset has been the connections and support with and from other businesses – AA Editorial Services being one.  Angela wrote our copy for the Glamping section of the website, effectively getting these products to page 1 of Google Search Engine.

4 points leisure logo

4 points leisure logo

4 Points Leisure was born in June 2014 when we went live with our website, and we have grown slowly but surely since. However, it’s never been about just selling products, that’s definitely nice, but…the business has always been about information, meeting people, connecting, finding new places to go, alongside innovative products or ideas. Our website has a blog, Glamping places to go page, together with guides on Travelling in Europe, Getting Ready for Spring and EHIC Cards. The one page we are very proud of is the Festival Calendar, with over 270 events, for all genres of music – check it out and let me know if we’re missing an event. Our most innovative products to date are the Luci Inflatable Solar Powered lantern and the Feetz Pocket Wellies but we’re continually on the lookout for other ideas and concepts we can bring to the business. A selection of 4 Points leisure products:

With the summer looming, our next big step is getting the gazebo out and attending country shows and fairs. So far we are booked for Old Berks Countryside Day, Wanborough Show and Uffington White Horse Show and have more in the pipeline, getting out in the sun, (we hope), and meeting and chatting to anyone and everyone!” Come and visit us, get in touch and let us know what you’d like to see                   Twitter – @4pointsleisure Google + – Facebook –


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