A cake, a tart and an XTC song

Sunday 16th February

A cake, a tart and an XTC song. A diverse set of articles is it not? Yet surprisingly perhaps there is a thematic link between them. Well two really. In the first place all three have been inspired by Swindon’s iconic Magic Roundabout, of which Swindon is very proud.

Back in 1981, Swindon band XTC wonderfully conveyed the carefully controlled chaos of this car chomping contraption in their song ‘English Roundabout’. And recently my good friend Sam (@LMCakemaker on Twitter) of Little Miss Cakemaker created a Magic Roundabout cake for the Faringdon bake-off. And thirdly, the picture of the tart below, made by Mike Pringle ‘just because’ was posted in some social media interactions today regarding another link to the Magic Roundabout, the Swindon Festival of Poetry, which uses the roundabout as an emblem – well what else could it be? Well that and the pot dog – check out the profile picture on this Facebook page to see what I mean.

News is out that funding is found for the 2014 Swindon Festival of Poetry. So we can relax in the knowledge that the poetic palaver will be here again later this year – because of course Swindon IS the world capital of poetry. As someone said on Facebook today: ‘No doubt about it: Swindon is the king of roundabouts and has one of the coolest poetry festivals in the whole of Poetryfestivalland.’

I’ve been a passenger on the poetry bus twice now and both trips could be likened to a trip of another kind – so surreal were they. Here’s a link to the poetry festival’s own website  and then there’s Domestic Cherry – which speaks for itself really.

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7 responses to “A cake, a tart and an XTC song”

  1. Talis Kimberley says :

    How wonderful! I think the Magic Roundabout is a bit bonkers, but it seems to work, and we like a mad idea done well, don’t we? Let’s be proud of it! We should call the area ‘Fiveways’… or, how about ‘Quintivia’? I like that. I think I’m keeping it. May do something with that…

    • amaatk123 says :

      Oh I think it’s fair to say that Swindon is VERY proud of the Magic Roundabout. And rightly so I think. I love it as writing about it helped me to a 1st for my travel writing module.

  2. helen holly says :

    Did Sam win with her magic cake?

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